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Nylon plastic hinges

Nylon plastic hinges
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Plastic hinges 32x32 mm

A32 mmB32 mmC20 mmE20 mmF7 mmG12 mmL8,5 mmP12,5 mmQ3,0 mmD4,2 mm..

1.94€ Ex Tax: 1.60€

Plastic hinges 40x40 mm

A40 mmB40 mmC25,5 mmE25,5 mmF10 mmG14 mmL11,5 mmP16,5 mmQ4,0 mmD4,2 mm..

2.52€ Ex Tax: 2.08€

Plastic hinges 48x48 mm

A48 mmB48,1 mmC31 mmE30 mmF12,5 mmG17 mmL14,5 mmP20,5 mmQ5,0 mmD5,5 mm..

2.77€ Ex Tax: 2.29€

Plastic hinges 65x65 mm

A65 mmB64,9 mmC40 mmE40 mmF14 mmG24 mmL17 mmP25 mmQ6,0 mmD6,5 mm..

3.62€ Ex Tax: 2.99€